Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

Art prints

Greetings dear visitors!

I have been asked repeatedly for art prints. My goal was to offer high quality prints on very good paper and the closest possible match to the original colors for a good price, so that everybody might be able to afford them. These are the three that made it into a first edition:

Art Print Set

I put them up in singles and in a package over at my dawanda store. Every image is numbered (the first edition has 10 of each image) and signed. If you wish for a personal dedication, just tell me. They come at 10 Euro and 25 Euro combined and are A3. I send them in an cardboard A3 envelope so the images are not rolled or folded. Shipping is 4-5 Euro.

I hope, i did not miscalculate international shipping because for A3 Maxi Letter it seems to be cheaper internationally.

Have a nice day!

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