Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

Extra Credits ep. 99 - Video

Yay, I was very lucky to work on another episode of Extra Credits. Visit it over at the Penny Arcade TV:

Visit this Blog Entry for notes on the references and a collection of some of the drawings from the episode. The Hero's Journey (pt 2) was a great topic to pop-culture-reference my brains onto the canvas. Thank you : )

Extra Credits episode 99 chatter

I had the great pleasure of working for the Web Series Extra Credits again. This is so much joy, because it is more about the concepts and fitting imagery than about elaborate drawing. I like jobs, where I have to think. I figured out that my style is not working as well for this as the general style developed by the series makers Dan and Allison. Also its waaaaaay too slow to draw anatomically somewhat probable figurines.

My full pop culture nerd senses tingled, when the topic was announced: The Heros Journey and illustrated by the beautiful Game Journey by thatgamecompany. I obsessively watched playthroughs, especially enjoying this one: Video Part 1. That narrator sounds so awed and sympathetic : )

The Hero's Journey explores the stages a hero walks through in the straightforward “epic” path in many hero-centered narrations. Therefore I had an excuse to single out tons of great epic stories and use them to illustrate James’ text and Dan’s narration thereof. Watch the Video here.

Let my start with an assemblage from some drawings from the Episode. Be very invited to read the more obscure reference links below.

I started out by planning the episode. This way i have an overview on how many images are needed, the pacing and how much non-drawn material and how much dan-standing-and-talking is involved. I strive for balance:

Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

Public Diploma Presentation


I am Jack's calm little center of jo... ARRRGHGG! Finally, my diploma presentation is drawing near.

I will present my findings on research about interactive music videos and the very practical approach on a project by the band Van Canto next week on:

Tue, 10th of July, 13:00h 
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
Pappelallee 8–9 
Building 5, Room 3.16

This is a public presentation. I hereby want to extend my invitations to you. You will get to see: 5 Minutes of an upcoming Van Canto Music Video, 30 Minutes of me babbling and shaking and being supremely nice and witty....... and a presentation of an interactive prototype. I will talk about interactive music videos and the factors that seem to be motivating for an audiences. If anybody makes his way to Potsdam - i would be very happy, if you say hi! after the presentation.

A first trailer was already announced:

I am so excited!