Montag, 30. Mai 2011

TwiSTeD stuff

Some Images from my comic project.
Barbera sketch in her new design
Screentone and Ink and Pens on notepaper.

Step-by-step for THIS PICTURE:


Jaune's Redesign
Edna bricht aus Fanart
Edna breaks out - a funny adventure by Daedalic Entertainment. Sorry to say that i did not think about this fanart but wanted to draw her again.


after practicing for the past weeks, i scanned some of the sketches. Almost all of them are done with close reference. I have trouble to memorize proportions or apply them in any ratio. That's one of the many things i tried with these sketches. Also observing values.

(referenced from Burne Hoghart's Drawing School)
(referenced from lockstock.deviantart)
(also lockstock, i think)
different references. Most of them photos.

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

ereyesterday and overmorrow

Illustration class at my university is... weird. but luckily very free. The teacher tries to show us new ways and not always fall back on the techniques we know.
In the end i tend to use the techniques I know best for the final product anyways. I dont trust the universal random-button.

I want to show you how these two illustrations came into being:

Illustration Overmorrow, gabrieldevue
Illustration, gabrieldevue

The first assignment was to illustrate "yesterday" (we work in German. So it was "gestern"). The way this class works, we were pushed to illustrate past time not literally yesterday. I had a Nintendo 3DS in my pocket that counted my steps. They were exactly 2113. Finally i decided to print those 2113 steps witht he soles of the shoes i wore that day. I chose a cheap and accessible paper i had lying around:

So my final for that day was:

This kind of art is not what i particually like. But as the professor pointed out, these shapes were a big source for inspiration. For the next topic i tried to create shapes.

But it boiled down to the single heel-prints:

The next topic was "Übermorgen" ("the day after tomorrow"). Since i did not like writing "Übermorgen" i researched and found the deleted words "overmorrow" and "ereyesterday". These words sound so great and are fun to write. I went with them. And voilá!

the illustrations are drawn on thin ikea-wrapping paper, because i liked the feel of it (and i unwrapped something right before working). I printed those Illustrations on see-through, eh... foil? paper? later and created more shapes. When overlapping the illustrations, they create a circle again and there - everything is whole. Like time! How philosophical. But actually... its no accident. Yay! But i will never learn to let the random do my work.

but this is random:
i scribbled this face while talking on the phone and liked it. so i put it on transparent paper, highlighted the back of the paper with white and glued it to dark blue colored paper.

this is just a test. i find it hard to draw an etherial light figure next to a high contrasted one. i wonder how ye olde masters did it with almost black backgrounds and glowing angels. have to test more.

Thank you for stopping by!

Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

Collection of Publications I

Dear Readers,

I am very excited about working on a project, giving an interview or participating in exhibitions. So excited, that I usually forget to document it later.

I will from here on collect publications, exhibitions and interviews.

Starting with:
"200g of ground beef" : Worked as editor and participated with the story "rats"  (Publisher: Schwarzer Turm)

Subway to Sally Storybook: One comic "Arche" (Publisher: Schwarzer Turm)

De Bello Britannico - Coloration (Publisher: Feder & Schwert)

PummelDex 2007
Photoshop Creative 2009 (Ausgabe 09/09)

Montag, 2. Mai 2011

An interactive Christmas Carol

In November 2010 i finished the work on A Christmas Carol for Padworx.

The awesome guys from Padworx made this video with a first version of the Cover that follows along the tracks of the machine that is supposed to also turn pages. The application hit Itunes and made it to the feature page. It was one of the best projects I was allowed to work on so far. Without the help of Maren Marmulla this project would have a lot more sketches and a lot less finished illustrations. There is nothing as motivating as working with people who are also lit up for a project.