Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

Public Diploma Presentation


I am Jack's calm little center of jo... ARRRGHGG! Finally, my diploma presentation is drawing near.

I will present my findings on research about interactive music videos and the very practical approach on a project by the band Van Canto next week on:

Tue, 10th of July, 13:00h 
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
Pappelallee 8–9 
Building 5, Room 3.16

This is a public presentation. I hereby want to extend my invitations to you. You will get to see: 5 Minutes of an upcoming Van Canto Music Video, 30 Minutes of me babbling and shaking and being supremely nice and witty....... and a presentation of an interactive prototype. I will talk about interactive music videos and the factors that seem to be motivating for an audiences. If anybody makes his way to Potsdam - i would be very happy, if you say hi! after the presentation.

A first trailer was already announced:

I am so excited!

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