Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012


greetings, wanderers!

today i want to share with you some sketches and practice-drawings i did over the last weeks. Major failing happened as well - but the Anatomy Sketchbook of Doom will be scanned in its finished glory, with all its failures for you to see. Would be a waste of time to actually sit down and scan this atrocity several times. bah!

On the back of an old drawing board i found the little prince. My favorite book of them all. I mindlessly doodled this to do a watercolor test. It's probably from Spring 2011.

Portrait + fantasy time. It is a long-term goal to be able to draw anything i can imagine. These come pretty close to what I had in mind. Reference used for every one.
Watercolor, digitally cleaned up and highlighted.

these two are done for practice also, but more refined illustrations. also characters from this universe. 

And copy-time! I sometimes need hours for something other illustrators achieve very quick. Therefore I tried to use very fitting brushes to copy a photo without using a lot of time. As long as the subjects stay that simple, it seems to work. I will work hard to get quicker and less controlling about my work. I think the first two photos were from Zeitwolf, but i am not sure - it all got mixed up.

My final diplom presentation is on july 10th! And then - hopefully I can show you waaay moooar stuff! Yay!
Thank you for stopping by.

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