Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Karakter Life Drawing: 40s business traveler

Last evening I had an amazing time at the Life Drawing Session by Karakter Studio. I did not just meet nice people, hat a great model to draw in an amazing drawing room - nope, there was also actual real eatable tasty cake!

These are the sketches from yesterday, starting with the 1 hr sketch and then going back in Time.

Tobias Mannewitz as 40s buisness Traveler at Karakter Life Drawign




3min warmup sketches


  1. Schöne Posen hast du da gewählt, besonders mag ich den ersten! =) Bist du da fest angestellt jetzt oder war das ne einmalige Sache?


  2. hey Steffen! Danke für den Kommentar. Leider kann ich davon gar nichts auf meine Kappe schreiben ; ) die Posen wurden so angeboten und Karakter ist noch so ein paar Ligen über mir.

  3. Lovely sketches Gabriel! Your 3 mins ones are really nice and the final 1 hr drawing is fantastic! Is that marker you use for the midtones?

    1. Hey JG! Thanks! Yes I used a Faber+Castell Pitt Brush marker for them. I would have loved to use Copics instead, but at that point i did not have any (and now i think, they might have feathered out greatly on this paper). Same for Watercolors.