Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012


Dear readers,

I am very happy to announce an exhibition in the Gallery "Fango" in Cottbus (by Berlin), Germany. The solo-exhibition focuses on my graphic work that centers around psychic disorders and translations of strong feelings. I do not plan on showing comic works, but comic lovers, ink fetishists and tattoo fans are probably the right target. Ach, heck, I don't really understand, what my "target audience" is. So be it - if you enjoy intricate, detailed artwork, searching for clues and like to see my artwork in person and on paper, feel very, very invited.

It opens on the 25th of February and will run for about a month. The exact opening hour and the program for the vernissage will follow soon. I am happy for every friendly face to turn up and say hi! I will probably be too excited to function rationally - maybe seeing me blabber incoherently is also worth a visit.

There will be some limited high quality prints to purchase and some posters. Galerie Fango also host concerts and a coffee shop.

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