Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

tak and sketches!

I finally bought Skydoll - I love the Drawings of babucci/canepa. I am way too prudent to approve of all the boobs, though... but i somehow like how relaxed they go about sexuality as it goes well with the concept of the Skydoll-universe.
While practicing on hands (later) I got viciously be-cuddled by our cat Tak. Tak is very shy and small. She almost starved but grew up to be a happy, young cat. I see her as a young tomboy teenage girl. 

random stuff for a story universe. did not quite capture the faces the way i wished to. They'Re all students of a very special class. They're allowed to design their own uniforms with the only rule that it has to involve the school colors.

A lot of the sketches are heavily inspired by combing through the first book of skydoll. I have troubles with hands so i copied every hand from the beginning of the book to understand, how the amazing artist-duo solved the hand-problem. It's not my only grey spot, but one that has to be targeted rigorously.

The algenpfleger (look im up on DA!) gave me the advice me to take up screenshot-drawing again. I randomly picked a movie i like and Shutter Island was a bad choice. I love the movie but it does not have a lot of interestingly layered shots for practicing lightning. No Problem, because I have to practice on proportions and composition as well.
they're all from the first 5 or 10 minutes and took 15 - 40 minutes. meh. I concentrated mostly on getting the mood right and tried not to hang myself up on details.

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