Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

Monsterbook and Font!


Woah, i have more material to do just one blog entry. For my diploma I created a Font I want to share with you today.

So, here it is - free for commercial and non-commercial use. Be aware that the kerning is off, though - you have to adjust it by hand. Designed for Headlines.

(part of the drawing used to create the font)

Download Here.

In 2004 I closed down a page - a collection of monsters. This font made me want to do the redesign. And while I read up tons of stuff for my diploma, I treated myself to drawing little monsters and redesigning that page, whenever I hit a minor milestone... well, they're more milepebbles...
It is not fully functional yet, but the monster entries work. I will post more sketches and stuff when i come around to make it presentable.
Later, there will be an entry form for your own monsters as in the good old days!

Have a look and laugh about my programming mistakes. Everything that is really good is done by my husband, though ; )

Check it out:

Thank you for your time!

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