Montag, 26. März 2012

monster monster on the wall

Hey folks,

a bit more than 2 month to go on the diploma. The main project is almost done, the documentation slowly drags along. I wish I just could hand in a ring book folder... or something. But noooo.
I will post a full review of the exhibition (which has ended) soon, I am still waiting for the permissions to post the photos.

In the meantime, whenever I hit a minor... very minor... mile... okay, centimeterstone in my work I scribble around on monsterstuff. I need the distraction to keep my lines in order for the diploma. So, among some "this is what i am wearing today" and gadgets for the monsterbook, here are the rough drawings of some monsters - all pages from my current sketchbooks.

Thank you for stopping by : )
At my tumblr I keep explaining some of the designs (also showing the slightly more polished, sometimes colored versions)

Here they are implemented in the still in progress monsterbook: . Soon the Submission Form is bug free, then I await YOUR take on everyday or neverday fears and annoyances.

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