Montag, 26. September 2011

practice and edna again

The first two pencil drawings are practices - copied from old daguerrotypes I found on the internet.
The essence of what I felt was in their portraits reminded me of two characters I always wanted to design. Since I started doing something for the M-project again, I used the inspiration to draw their younger alter Egos. In the stories, they are the parents of the main-character-cast.

I felt rusty with watercolors and had this postcard-pad lying around. I did not menage to scan this at all : / It's 3 layers of colors done during some breaks.

And Edna breaks out from the Adventure Edna Bricht Aus. I wanted to draw a good fanart, but somehow it never turned out the way i wanted it to. What the heck, i leave it in the Sketch-section before it gets burried forever.

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