Montag, 18. April 2011


Finally! I have been stalking Blogs in blogspot for ages and i cannot keep track of them anymore. And while i got shouted at to be hopelessly outdated in my "news"-areas on my two homepages, i shall sneakily use the rss to change that! muha!

I hereby welcome you to my blog. Comments, interactions, critique and offerings of souls, cocoa and books are always welcome.

1 Kommentar:

  1. I feel like coming home, I'm glad to see that you have now a blog where you show actual drawings, I just looked quick through them now(it's late I'ms sorry) and I'm listening to Rammstein Sonne and in this song there is a very beautiful voice, a women singing, it's a beauty to listen to it as if it where something not from this world, von betörender Schönheit, why I tell you this? Well your work actually is this voice, some of the sketeches I just saw made me feel exactly like this voice makes me feel, they have something which, uhm it's almost impossible to describe, enchanting? Like sirens singing and you just have to follow even you don't know where this might lead you.

    Auch wenn ich jetzt nichtmal weiss wieso ich überhaupt auf Englisch tippe...