Dienstag, 19. April 2011


I am living in an groundfloor apartment in Berlin. It is very long and right next to a playing ground (of doom) and i swear that a serial killer once lived in our basement! When we went in our cellar the first time, we found an old rusty saw, a matress and an old trolley...

But one of the perks of this apartment is the tiny guest toilet in the front. Even though it is very small and, eh, private, it never got eh... cozy in there. For some reason this room was awfully cold and just... white. So I got my paints and see, how it turned out:

Brian Viglione from the Dresden Dolls is watching you - but he will stop the truth from leaking! Even signed - a gift from Neodamus that i am eternally thankfull for.

the ceiling is quite a way up and i ran out of light color and... i gave up and it got stripy.

and this is the calendar slightly to the right from that room. it was for 2010.

aaaand for this blog an avatar and... schmeiiilieees!

gabrieldevue avatar

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